Beyond Fairytales Blog Hop ~ 2 giveaways

Beyond Fairytales blog hop 2

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Featuring authors and bloggers who love and or write romantic fairytales
May 15th to 31st

Hashtag  #BeyondFairytales

**Many of the bft authors will preview their upcoming BFT at Sci Spanks and readers get free 2K reads plus chances to win prizes**

Thank you to Decadent Publishing for teaming up with me to host this hop.

We have two giveaways so you will two rafflecopters.

First is from Decadent Publishing for 15 winners

Second is from myself an Amazon Gift Card.

What do you like about Fairytales?  Why do you like to read them?  Have you read any of Decadent’s Beyond Fairytales?

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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T.L. Reeve

Bab’s Book Bistro

Gina Writes Words

Stephanie Beck

Vicki Ballante

Anastasia Vitsky

Dakota Trace

Sara Daniel

Erzabet Bishop

Louisa Bacio

Eva Lefoy

Jessica E. Subject

Nancy Fraser

VS Morgan

Taryn Kincaid

Cassandra Dean

Alexa Bourne

Jennah Scott

Sorcha Mowbray

Jewel Quinlan

Landra Graf

Zee Monodee

Tara Quan

Linnea Alexis

D.L. Jackson

Nicole Pouchet



  • Gina

    I like that Fairy Tales are really actually really dark. And, in the olden times, they were quite sexual, too… so Decadent Publishing is really just returning them to what they should be. 😉

  • Anastasia Vitsky

    I like the darkness, too. I think we lose something from the fairy tales when we make them too sanitized, too cheerful, and too separate from their origins.

    Thanks for hosting us, Babs!

  • Jodi

    I like fairytale because we can stop our hectic lives dig our nose into a book and pretend for those moments that we are in the book. Anything can happen ,not to mention fairytales are usually happily ever after stories that will make you smile after reading them. Plus some can remind us of our childhoods as our parents read the G rated ones to us 🙂 no I’ve never read a decadent fairytale before

  • Mary Preston

    I like the moral to Fairytales. I like the battle between good and evil. I have not read any of Decadent’s Beyond Fairytales yet.

  • Michelle DeLeon

    I’ve just always liked them. I have a ebook of all of Andrew Lang’s fairy books, among others. I used to borrow a number of others from the library where I lived at the time.