Polar Gel Cooling Pillow review

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I was thrilled to be asked to review the PolarGel Pillow. For those of us that have hot flashes this is the way to go.  I love this product.  Easy to use as you can see from the pictures I have taken, the instructions are easy to follow and the pillow comes with straps to hold in place on your personal pillow so it doesn’t slip.

You can place in the refrigerator to make it cooler but you can use right out of the bag and works perfectly.  I would not trade this for anything.  I am sleeping better and that is good enough for me.  My husband who has headaches a lot even loves this.  I will be buying one to help him.

Check them out here.

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Hot Weather or Hot Flashes?

Facing yet another sleepless night is a living torture.

Whether you can’t sleep because of hot flashes or the summer weather, heat is a major barrier to an essential night’s sleep.

Thankfully you can restore your sleeping patterns & your sanity with our PolarGel Cool Pillow.

The PolarGel Pillow Will Rescue You From Sleepless Nights & Ensures You Sleep Cool

Regular pillows concentrate heat around your head & keep you flipping your pillow back and forth in search of a cooler spot. Not any more!

Advanced cooling gel regulates your body temperature by dispersing heat evenly throughout the pillow. Soft & cool to lie on, the PolarGel cooling pillow conforms perfectly to your body’s contours.

What Our Customers Like Best

* Removable NO SLIP STRAPS
* Even Cooler Feeling after refrigeration
* Healthier & Cost Effective – No need to have the aircon circulating stale air around your bedroom
* Compact – Folds to 7″ x 12″ ensuring a good night’s sleep wherever you are
* Large Width, 12″ x 22″ ensures your whole pillow is covered



*Disclosure: This product was received in exchange for an honest, unbiased, review. The reviews and or opinions on this blog are 100% my own. No monitory compensation was received and I was not required to write a positive review.