A Moment for Teachers: self-care for busy teachers in 30 seconds by Alice Langholt


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You will need 30 seconds. That’s all.

Start at the beginning, or turn to a random page. Every page has a title, a benefit, and simple directions. Read and complete the task on the page.

If you know that you are in the mood for a creative, confidence-boosting, stress-releasing, or peace-promoting task, use the Index at the back of the book to choose the one that fits your interest.

Notice the positive changes you go through because you took that 30 second break. Many of these tasks can also be shared with your students, allowing them to benefit too.

The changes you’ll experience will last for far more than 30 seconds. You’ll find yourself gaining more presence, patience, confidence and becoming much happier if you do this regularly. The energy in your classroom will positively change, and your students are sure to notice too. Using this book could become a wonderful little daily ritual.

By the way, the writing tasks have a blank page beside them for jotting your notes. This means that all you need for those is a pen. If there isn’t a pen nearby, use a pencil. Even a broken crayon will work. You probably have plenty in your classroom. It’s ok to write in the book. Later, when you read what you wrote, it will become part of your reflective process, displaying how you’ve grown.



“I liked this book. The author Langholt offers a lot of wonderful ideas for improving one’s lessons and classes. She also gives questions for meditation and times of reflection. Meditation and taking care of ourselves is such an important part of our job in that it can help prevent burn-out.I think possibly one of the most helpful ones was to observe and think what teacher in your school you admire most and why. And then write down your answers to those questions and from time to time go back to look at them again as a means of what you want to focus on to incorporate in your own teaching. This book would certainly be good for new teachers, but it is also beneficial for teachers who may have teaching for years. Check it out as a valuable resource. I enjoyed it! By Valencia Redd


“Read this book if you are a teacher!
A Moment for Teachers, is a self-care book which has some quick ideas to gain more presence, patience, confidence and allow us to become empowered and happier when doing these activities regularly during classes. The energy in your classroom will positively change when you apply these ideas and your students will be grateful that you took this step to enhance their education and the environment in the classroom. This book has affirmations to increase optimism and attract more positivism. Notes are included which can be used as a reminder of our goals; they also allow us to write the information gotten when we access our wisdom and remind us of all what we have learned related to the educational field. Just reading these ideas will shift your mood because you are not only doing something good for yourself as a teacher but also for your students. These ideas are powerful, give them a try!”


About the Author

Alice Langholt is a Reiki Master Teacher, the Executive Director of Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Development (ReikiAwakeningAcademy.com), and the founder of Practical Reiki, a strong, simple Reiki energy healing method. She is the author of the award-winning book, Practical Reiki for balance, well-being, and vibrant health, A guide to a strong, revolutionary energy healing method, The Practical Reiki Companion workbook, and a deck of cards, Energy Healing Cards and app. Alice also authored the A Moment for Me 365 Day Self Care Calendar for Busy People, A Moment for Mom, A Moment for Us, and A Moment for Success (AMoment4Me.com). Alice teaches holistic topics, and offers workshops on 30 second methods of self care online and in the Washington, DC area. Alice lives with her husband and their four children in Gaithersburg, Maryland.