August (Prairie Grooms, Book One) by Kit Morgan review


Prairie Grooms is a series, so you’ll want to read these books in order to have the most fun. Kit Morgan’s books are fun, whimsical, sweet stories about the old west, its people, but especially about Clear Creek. One of the wackiest little towns in the old west!

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Clear Creek was a quaint little place, one most men took one look at, and decided to settle. There was only one problem. There were no women. In fact, the town was so small, most women took one look at it, laughed, and whipped their horses into a frenzy to get as far from it as possible before their husbands could protest. This of course left a mighty big hole in the hearts of what men were left behind in the little community.

Duncan Cooke, aka The Duke of Stantham, also had a problem. He had a huge estate in England to manage, one not far from London, and it came with all the problems one would expect with an estate in disarray. Including six unwed cousins, women no man would touch for fear of losing either a limb, or worse. Strange things happened to all who tried to court them, so they were left untouched, and very unwed.

But Duncan realized that Clear Creek had exactly what he needed. Men! And so with the help of his brother’s wife Sadie, he concocted a plan to send his cousins to Clear Creek as mail order brides! He just hoped the calamity that often followed them, didn’t find its way across the sea as well …

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My thoughts:

Penelope and her sisters are Duncan’s cousins in England.  He sends them back to be mail order prides which his sister in law Sadie helps with.  She has 3 men already lined up for the woman and had the men send letters a while back.

The ladies arrive and are use to the ways of the English back home.  They don’t know what to expect getting off the stage coach.  They wanted to know where the footmen were and have no clue how to cook.  Which makes this a fun story.

Once Penelope meets August her intended she falls over hills but tries to hide it.  Mrs Red as August calls her, pushes him away at times and then is mesmerized by him at others.  The sisters make the storyline fun at times as well with their giggles and coming up with the western slangs.

There is a rooster that Penelope ends up calling Clyde that likes to attack people.  Not to mention the spider scene towards the beginning of the book.  You will find yourself laughing.

The book is very clean the only issue is it needs a bit more editing.  Other wise the book is great and the ending leads you into the next book of the Prairie Grooms series.