Become a BTS Blogger



Being a blogger for BTS has benefits! Become a blogger for BTS and be a team member in the ongoing work to promote authors, as well as BTS Book Reviews emag.

There are 3 ways you can help and benefits for each.

BTS Street Team member. Sign up and help promote the magazine weekly. Babs Hightower, the Team Leader, will send you posts so it’s easy
to have fresh material for your blog and social media. She also will send you the code for the magazine to post on your blog.

Media Kit Group. Don’t have enough time to be a BTS Street Team member, but you would still like to help? Join this group and you will be
sent a post after each new issue is out. This will give you fresh info to post. Bloggers are asked to place the emag on their blog.

What will you receive? Both groups are eligible for a $25 monthly gift card drawing, a “thank you” from BTS for helping.

BTS Bloggers Paid to Post the emag. We choose a number of bloggers each month and pay them to post the magazine on their blog and make
the post about the new issue being out. Information is sent to the blogger, so it is easy. If you are interested in this opportunity write
for details.

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