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It is so great to bring you Donna Cummings and her love book Lord Midnight.  A charming woman to talk with.

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So How Did You Two Meet?


It’s always fun to see how couples respond to, “So how did you two meet?” There’s often a secretive smile, and a faraway look, as if they’re transported back to that moment when they didn’t know each other, and then everything changed.

Even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

It’s why I love that first meeting between the hero and heroine. It sets the story in motion, and gives you a hint of how their personalities are going to mesh–or clash–along the way. That first introduction can also demonstrate what kind of obstacles the couple will have to overcome in order to get their HEA.

We already know the couple is going to end up together, but they don’t, which is what makes it so much fun. We get to watch them explore their initial attraction to each other. We can enjoy how they make assumptions based on what they see, and then try to convince themselves this person is wrong for them, based on their previous experiences with love and heartache.

We get to accompany them on the delightful romantic adventure that starts the moment they first set eyes on each other.

In my Regency historical, Lord Midnight, the hero and heroine meet by chance, when he robs her carriage while she is on the way to the home of her future husband, a man she does not want to marry:

Marisa placed a gloved hand at the opening of the carriage, her stomach fluttering with renewed optimism. She stretched her foot down to the metal step, but it had managed to disappear in the darkness, and she tumbled toward the paved roadway.

The highwayman sprang forward, before Marisa’s own cry of dismay was past her lips. His gloved hands caught her at the waist, and in the next heartbeat Marisa’s arms reflexively encircled his neck. Once assured that she was safe, the rogue should have placed her feet on the ground, and stepped away. Instead, he slid his arms around her, placing her flush against his chest in a very scandalous fashion.

Marisa’s heart pounded, most likely with relief at avoiding disaster, though she had to admit her pulse raced anew at being held in such a protective embrace. She felt the muscled strength in the way he cradled her, yet it was tempered with gentleness, banishing any fear.

A hint of sandalwood rose from his warm skin, mingling with the virile scent of a man accustomed to doing whatever he wished with his life. It was a combination both exotic and comforting. For the first time in a long while Marisa felt safe, and she had to fight the urge to lay her head on his shoulder.

The highwayman lowered her until her half boots touched the ground, and only then did he release his hands. Marisa nearly sighed her disappointment.

“I must thank you for preventing a most disastrous episode,” she said.

“I am delighted I could be of service to you, Mistress.”

The merriment in his voice caught her off guard. She glanced up, impatient to see this man who had been heaven-sent to aid her.

His strong jaw and elegant cheekbones denoted noble bloodlines, yet it was unlikely a man of aristocratic lineage would become a knight of the road. Perhaps he had been born on the wrong side of the blanket, and his only opportunity in life was to take up this lawless profession. Still, he wisely wore a strip of leather to conceal his identity, though it did nothing to disguise his appeal.

His long blond locks fluttered, as if the light breeze found them as irresistible as Marisa did. His thigh-high leather boots, and the black cape which swirled around him, made her heart skip more than once. She glanced again at his face, to see amusement sparkling in his blue eyes. He tossed her an impudent wink.

Clearly he enjoyed her detailed perusal.

“Perhaps I should receive a small boon in return for my heroic deed,” he suggested.

Before she could respond, he turned her hand over, exposing the pale skin of her wrist above the kid glove. He raised it to his lips with infinite slowness.

Marisa’s knees trembled, but she had yet to swoon in her short life. She did not intend to do so now, lest she miss the heady experience of being kissed by a knight of the road.

His eyes never left hers, daring her to call a halt to his audacious act. She returned his gaze, her breathing ragged, her feverish skin impatient for his touch. When his lips finally brushed against her, she closed her eyes and allowed the exhilaration to wash over her.

Why had she not been forced to wed a man such as this one?


To celebrate Babs Book Bistro Blogoversary, I will give away one e-book of Lord Midnight to one lucky commenter. Just tell me your favorite “first meeting” story, whether it’s about you, or somehow you know, or in your favorite book. I can’t wait to hear them!


Bio: I have worked as an attorney, winery tasting room manager, and retail business owner, but nothing beats the thrill of writing humorously-ever-after romances. Currently I reside in New England, although I fantasize about spending the rest of my days in a tropical locale, consuming mojitos for breakfast and wearing flip flops year-round.

A contemporary novella, Back on Track, will be published by Samhain in April, 2013. A romantic comedy, I Do. . .or Die, has just been contracted with Crimson Romance.

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GABRIEL DeVAULT, a dashing highwayman, lives to avenge himself against the uncle who stole his title and tried to kill him as a child. One night’s robbery yields unexpected riches when his uncle’s spirited bride-to-be falls into Gabriel’s arms. Now his plans for vengeance include seduction of the innocent miss, in the home that once was his own.

MARISA DUNSMORE is blackmailed into wedding the cold and calculating Edmund DeVault, Lord Westbrook, to protect her beloved aunt. When her attempts to escape the upcoming marriage fail, she turns to the man she knows as Lord Midnight, entrusting him with her love, and her future.

Soon Gabriel must choose: saving the woman who stole his heart, or destroying the man who stole his life.

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  • Nat

    would love, love, love to win this! I’d have to say it was when I met my first boyfriend, who I happened to share my first kiss with <3

  • Jackie

    One day I came to work and there were flowers against the door of our office. They were for me and the card read – “if you count the roses you’ll find there are only 11. that’s because you are the 12th.”Later that day a coworker dragged me to our lunch room, then told me there was a visitor there waiting for me. It was the cute guy from the construction crew next door. Introduced himself and asked me to dinner. I think most of the office was waiting behind our office door when I got back from the lunch room. 🙂 While he wasn’t my HEA, he was the best first meeting I ever had.

  • Virginia Kelly

    Donna, what a wonderful first meeting! Love these characters and the way you’ve introduced them. Very enticing. I could picture every bit of it. I can think of no better first meet. Great insight into first meets, too.

    My husband and I met when his roommate came to pick me up for a date. I didn’t date the roommate for long at all. I think that might have been our last date. That was SO long ago. Not very romantic.

    Hope I win LORD MIDNIGHT!!