Blogoversary Party Post 17 Guest Nicole Morgan


Nicole is great and she has a new book coming out on the 8th of August just a few days way you can pre-order though.

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The Nexus [The Paladins Book 1]

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Xavier Boulstridge has lived his life abiding by the Laws of the Assention. Being a Paladin, it was his duty to do so, but he couldn’t ignore the void he felt.


Rachel Folley is unhappy and unsure about her upcoming nuptials. Anxiety racks her mind, keeping her up at night. Sparks fly after a chance encounter with Xavier. The two are drawn to one another. Neither of them is able to resist their desire. They fall in love, despite the obstacles in their way. As the days pass, they learn there is more than meets the eye to their newfound love.


Evil surrounds them. There are entities that will stop at nothing to keep them apart. As secrets are revealed and plots are unveiled, they are faced with a battle not only for their love, but for sheer survival.


The heat inside her mouth aroused such thoughts and images into his mind that he could feel himself growing under the constraints of his jeans. Swelling and hard, he wanted nothing more than to rid them both of their clothes and claim her for all eternity. It was, according to his mother, a destiny which would come true. Patience for that time to come wasn’t something he was feeling. He wanted that now. He wanted her now. All of her. Every bit of her. He wanted them to join together and become one.

His mind was racing with erotic images of their two bodies. So much so that he could feel his pulse racing unbelievably fast. He tightened his grip on the back of her neck and pulled her closer to him, groaning as he heard her moan into his kiss.

Pulling gently at the neck of her T-shirt, he exposed some of her shoulder and trailed his tongue down the side of her neck and laved a kiss right in the hollow where her skin dipped so delicately.


Rachel whispered his name and sounded as needy as he felt. Her voice raked along his nerve endings and teased his libido with enticement. He told himself to pull away from her, to break the bond before his body took over and acted on his urges. The warning repeated itself in his mind over and over again. He was too far lost in the sweetness of her.

Without thinking, he leaned back against the couch and gripped her waist, pulling her onto his lap. She didn’t fight his aggressive move and straddled him. The hot valley between her legs pushed against his already straining erection. He knew she would have to feel it and prayed she didn’t pull away from him for it.

Her fingers slid into his hair and pulled his mouth back to hers. Damn if the look in her eyes didn’t send shivers down his spine. They were the most intense shade of blue he could ever remember seeing. The same kind of blue you’d see in the purest sapphire. Sparkly and brilliant with different hues shading them as the light reflected against them and changed their appearance.

His mother had underestimated the power his soul mate would hold over him. Rachel was much more than he’d ever hoped to find. How could he have lived for so long without feeling her touch or even hearing her voice? She was the other half of him. The issue of Paladin and human was not even an obstacle in his mind. They were meant to be. He would see to it.