Bride for Richard by Amelia C Adams, #book, #review

RNWMP: Bride for Richard (Mail Order Mounties #27)RNWMP: Bride for Richard by Amelia C. Adams
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Violet is rare in her hometown of Ottawa. The men think she is strange as she loves to look at the stars, write in her notes, draw and have a fun with it. She is on the quiet side.
After hearing her mom and a friend of hers talk about her going off to some where she barges in and tells them she is marrying a mountie.

Miss Hazel knows just the man for Violet, Richard Murray. He wanted a lady that was great in the social life. These two are opposites but yet the same.

I loved the way Richard took right to Violet with the stars and flowers he would bring home almost each day. Violet was a strong and fun loving character to get to know. The plot was amazing and how everyone around her accepted her was amazing.

I have loved each story in the RNWMP series none have disappointed me in the least.

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