BTSemag offers goodies to Bloggers & Authors

BTS Book Reviews emag would like to invite you to become a member of our BTS Promotions Team. Bloggers are our best way to promote and we appreciate each one that has helped us. If you already post for us, or if you join our team, these are the benefits we offer as a thank you:

If you do not want to be a part of the Promotions team you can still sign up for the Media Kit and monthly prize

$25 Gift Card (1 winner per month)

The monthly drawing for $25 to anyone signed up for the Media Kit will be on the 20th by 9pm. So get your posts up because if we draw your name, we will check to see if the emag is up on you blog or website. Anyone signing up for the Media Kit after the drawing time will be eligible for the next month’s drawing.


First to Know Daily Blog FREE Dates

First to know of FREE interview spots

First to know if we need any FREE feature spots in the eMag


Sign Up:

We also have a Refer a Friend program. Once you are a member and followed have posted the emag, if you refer a blogger then you will be eligible for a drawing for a free 1/4 pg ad in the magazine. The winner can showcase their blog or author/bloggers can showcase a book.

For those who are also authors we wanted to let you know about free promo we have for authors and prizes for authors and bloggers.

Go to on right side bar. We have Free Book Depository and also Book Bargain for your books that are $2.99 & below.

We also have other free promo for authors. Our FB groups in all genres, where authors are welcome to post their books or info anytime as long as they don’t take over the group with posts.:)


We also would love more likes and twitter followers

We would love it if you shared this with your friends, and please take advantage of our free promo.

Those who join the BTS Promotions Team will also be eligible for swags, random surprise prizes from BTS, parties, your own FB group to commiserate with your team members, interviews on, and a  ‘BTS Promotions

Team Member of the Month’. The winner of this honor will get their photo and link on the website or if they wish their blog banner.

We will also have members of the team writing articles for the emag and we will make this into a column.  A wonderful way for the team to get involved.  We have so much to offer and what do you have to loose?  Nothing it is a win win for us all.

Please email me and let me know you would like to be on the team.

Babsbookbistro @ gmail . com

Thank you and look forward to seeing in on your team!