Product Review

Cargo Liner by INNX waterproof and padded product review & video

We got the Cargo Liner today and it was fun placing it in the car. Were have a Ford 2013 Escape and it worked wonderfully. It has adjustable straps that you place around the head rest on the back seat. Easy to get them on. The sides of the liner also have sticky tape so you can easily fit them on the side. It took less than 5 minutes to get the liner set up. It is 3 layer quilted and padded and is waterproof. This would be a great product if you happen to carry dogs around like we do. The hair is easier to clean up in the car. Not to mention if they get mud or grass on their paws this would be great to help keep the car clean.

Size 58″ Wx54″H which makes this ideal for any car. Best part…easy to install and clean, machine washable.

The price is not bad at all for the product. You can find it on Amazon via this link…

You can also use this in the back seat as well. Very convenient to use in any car or SUV/Truck.

Check out the video below and the pictures. I can’t say enough about this product.