Cats & Cowboys by Ruth J Hartman


Lanna Kirby and her cat, Gordon, flee Indiana when her racecar-driver boyfriend publicly humiliates her. A job in a small Texas post office seems far enough away and a good place to start over. Lanna’s through with men, for sure. That is, until a handsome cow-boy strolls in.

Jackson Harrington is a cowboy who loves his ranch, but wishes he had someone special to share it with. Lanna gets under his skin in lots of ways, but that’s not all. Jackson hates cats!

Will they be able to ignore each other and their growing attraction, or will one of them get over being stubborn and give in?



My thoughts:

Lanna is happy to be far ways from Indiana as possible. She is happy with living above the post office and a nice job. Everything runs smoothly until Jackson walks in to grab his mail. He us upset at first as the man Lanna replaces was a good friend and he never got to say goodbye. After a run in with Lanna he leaves and comes back the very next day. He is not too fond of cats but Lanna might be able to change his mind.

A cute little story I wish it was longer, but happy all the same. Lanna and Jackson are cute to read about. They both stumble and act like teenagers. The cat is the most fun part. A cute and easy read.



About the author:

Ruth J. Hartman spends her days cleaning teeth, and her nights spinning sweet romantic tales that make you giggle, laugh, and all-out guffaw. She, her husband, and their three cats, love to spend time curled up in their recliners watching old Cary Grant movies. Well, the cats, Maxwell, Roxy and Remmie sit in the people’s recliners. Not that the cats couldn’t get their own furniture. They just choose to shed on someone else’s. You know how selfish those little furry creatures can be.

Ruth, a left-handed, tooth-scraping, Jeep driving, farmhouse-dwelling romance writer uses her goofy sense of humor as she writes tales of lovable, klutzy women and the men who adore them. Ruth’s husband and best friend, Garry, reads her manuscripts, rolls his eyes at her weird story ideas, and loves her in spite of her penchant for insisting all of her books have at least one cat in them. Or twelve. But hey, who’s counting?

“Cats and Cowboys”: A postal worker (and her cat) flee Indiana after she’s dumped by her boyfriend. Then she meets a handsome cowboy who hates cats! What’s a girl to do?

“Better Than Catnip”: A woman who runs a cat rescue center falls for a handsome man. But his son is terrified of cats!

“Flossophy of Grace”: The main character, Grace, is a dental hygienist who falls in love with her patient.

“Pillow Talk”: A klutzy tooth fairy falls in love with her dentist.

“Purrfect Voyage”: A woman and her cat are stranded on a two-week yacht cruise with a cat-hating, handsome stranger.

“Grin and Barrett”: Two dentists fight growing feelings of attraction for each other, as they compete for all the new patients in their small town.

“Murphy in the Paw-Paw Patch”: A cat, born without pads for his paws, makes a journey to find some. At the paw-paw patch! (Children’s book).

Most of her books include cats. Her characters, like Ruth in real life, live with several cats, and love every minute of it. Well, maybe not the litter box, but you get the idea.

“Life in Mental Chains,” her first book, is a true-life story about her struggle with severe OCD, which also revolves around dental offices she worked for.

More information about Ruth and her books can be found at: