Christmas in July Flat Greeting Cards review

I enjoyed making these cards on Presto Photo.  The process was easy and the steps are straight forward.  All you have to do is drag pictures in and make your cards.  It took me all of about five minutes.


You get the cards early so you have time to get them out for Christmas. So be ready to make your list and get a great picture or pictures you want to use. Or if you want to make these a gift you can do some for your family and or friends to send out. A nice gift and a time saver for someone who is busy.

Picture front and back blank so I could write something personal


You can custom everything from the pictures to the wording you would like to use. I left the back of my cards blank so I could write my own personal message to each person.The shipping is fast and the quality is amazing.  It also comes with envelopes.The best part are the pictures are incased in plastic to keep them protected. Smart on the companies part.


Pictures in plastic to protect
Envelopes to go with pictures.







Try it here.×7+Flat+Greeting+Card