Coffee, Tea or Me by Rich Amooi, book review

Susie opens a tea shop next to Jack’s coffee shop and the war begins.

Jack Robbins has a booming coffee business, an eighty-year old customer who can’t keep his clothes on, and a rescue Chihuahua named Chimichanga that likes to kiss on the mouth. Life is good until the new business next door takes a bite out of his sales.

Susie McKenna has the new tea shop everyone is talking about, an over-protective brother, and a stubborn, good-looking neighbor who is trying to steal her customers.

Things really start to percolate when Jack and Susie both volunteer to help plan the downtown festival. They have to work together and soon Jack won’t be able to get by without his daily fix of Susie. But can a coffee lover and a tea devotee put their competition aside to get their happily ever after?


My thoughts:


Jack goes down to see about this new place opening up and walks in but doesn’t see anyone.  As he is looking around he breaks a vase but see some code violations.  A man comes out and accuses Jack of snooping and they don’t get off on the right foot. There are some laugh out moments in this book different things they both try and out do each other.

The author does a great job getting these two to come together and try and work through their issues when neither one wants to like the other and when Jack learns Susie has a brother not a husband is priceless.

Opposites to attract they say.