Copper Compression Sleeve for Knee product review

I have been having knee issues since I played volleyball in high school. Depending on the activity it can get hurting quickly.  I was excited to try the Cooper Compression Sleeve.  You can find it here ( Sleeve.

The anti-slip silicone Double silicone gel strips help keep the sleeve in place.  It also helps keep my knee dry as I am working out and sweating. It does have 88 % copper filling/content and 12% spandex.  It is anti oder and antibacterial which is a plus that you hardly find anywhere else.

It provides support for sports Knee brace offer the best knee support for running, basketball, weightlifting, crossfit,squats and any indoors or outdoors activity that put stress on your knees.

It is perfect for all ages from young to old.  No matter what you do if you are an avid sport person or just have injuries.  This is the knee brace to get.

My husband liked it so much after he has seen what it does for me that he wants one. You can see

the different sizes from the images that they have. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has any type of knee issues or if you play sports and just want the added support of a brace. This is the right one to invest in.