Copper Wear Review


Copper Wear™ from our “As Seen on TV” Store is the next generation of ankle, elbow, knee and back supports. Copperwear clothing effectively relieves joint pain while providing additional support.   Copper Wear”s revolutionary construction incorporates specially formulated high-performance nylon, and is impergnated with  heat-conducting copper fibers. Copperwear”s ergonomic design dramatically increases necessary blood flow and provides essential joint compression. Our compression wear reduces swelling and helps speed recovery.
Copperwear”s revolutionary fabric wicks away perspiration and moisture while providing essential support for achy muscles and joints. Copper Wear is Antimicrobial  and  Odor-resistant, and is 100% Machine Washable, and can also be machine dried. Copperwear support sleeves can fit either right or left.

  • Designed for athletic activity, or ever day support
    Helps facilitate healing, recovery and soreness
    State-of-the art Odor Resistant Design
    Revolutionary Fabric Design Wicks Away Moisture
    Comfortable, supportive fit.


My husband had chronic ankle issues so I decided I would get the ankle version and see how it worked for him. He says, “It’s light weight, smooth texture, easy on and off and comfortable around the house.  He forgot he even had it one that is how well it worked.  I say this was a winner.