Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley by Kelly Miller #book #review

My thoughts: I really like JA variations and some are good and some are way off. Death Takes a Holiday at Pemberley is really good. Darcy is out on his horse and enjoying life with Elizabeth and their son Bennet. When is horse is spooked, Darcy has a near death episode. Mr. Graham knows as the angle of death visits Darcy the day after and explains why he is there he wants to know and see why Darcy is so happy. In exchange for watching Darcy for a little but he will delay Darcy’s death. Darcy doesn’t really trust Graham, he has no choice but to agree. Instead of spending time with Darcy as planned, Graham seems more interested in Elizabeth. We also learn things from other characters that things are not as they seem. The author did an excellent job with the characters and plot. You will not want to put the book down. Buy link Amazon