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Excerpt -From Dementional

As I scanned the readouts on the app I’d created for my iPhone, the nervous butterflies in my stomach left over from the ceremony doubled. My experiment with the Higgs boson was creating some truly spectacular dark matter ripples, and was threatening to break containment. If I didn’t hurry, there might not be an apartment to return to.

My steps lengthened as the hall slipped from view; I was running to my assigned lab. Red lights flashed, alarms screamed along the hallways, as normally sedentary scientists were suddenly being forced to move quickly in hopes of averting disaster.

I fumbled my security credentials at nearly every checkpoint as a new siren took up the wailing serenade. None of my colleagues were in any better shape: some were so single-minded there were truly spectacular collisions as bodies careened off each other. It would have been humorous if we hadn’t all been galvanized by the deadly seriousness of the warnings.

It would only occur to me later how strange it was that all our experiments would hit a crisis point simultaneously. What was so special about June 6, 2012?

I used to laugh about the fools who believed the apocalyptic tales predicting the end of the world in 2012, but in my inadvertent adventures in alternate realities, I’m beginning to think every timeline has a moment of crisis—a turning point when that reality’s participants are forced to choose whether their space-time implodes or evolves.