The Duke and the Seduction of Fair Felicity by Sunny Lane & Giveaway





Can a man deeply in love with his wife overcome all the obstacles placed in the couple’s path by the cruel teachings of a jealous relative?  

With a glimpse from across the room, the Duke fell instantly in love with beautiful Felicity. Understanding if he would ever enjoy domestic tranquility with his beloved bride, he would need sage advice, he turned to a well known poet for a solution to his problem. Could the Bard have the key to not only his happiness, but that of Felicity’s as well? Or would his desperate attempt end all chances of marital bliss for this star-crossed couple?


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She frolicked naked on the edge of the clear stream like some nubile wood nymph while her clothes hung helter-skelter on the surrounding shrubbery. Waist-length, dark hair dripped in wet tendrils over pale skin and partially covered her ample breasts. Even as he stood watching, frozen immobile from behind a tree, she tossed her hair and stood totally revealed in all her beauty. The impact of the sight of his gorgeous, naked wife reminded the duke how long he had been without the favor of a woman. He grimaced and clenched his teeth, fighting for control over his traitorous body. With her back turned to him she bent over and scooped water to splash over her shoulders. As the cold water hit her she squealed with laughter at the shock. Her melodious voice rang out with delight.

An involuntary gasp escaped him, and he eased backwards, forcing himself to return quietly to the small cabin. He proceeded to prepare the fresh game for their supper. He knew who needed a bath in the cold stream. Ruefully he acknowledged this experiment might prove to be a more difficult task than he had anticipated. Who might be the schooled and who might be the teacher was still very much in balance.

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