Ebook or paperback/Hardback?

Ebook or paperback/Hardback?

What are your preferences when it comes to books?  Do you like to read an ebook or would you rather have paperback or hardback?

Years ago when the Kindle came out authors and publishers were worried that no one would want any more paper backs. Readers would want instant gratification of having the book right after they paid for it.  Publishers were seeing a decline in paper back and even pre-order sales but that has all changed as of late.

On a kindle or any e- reader you can’t fold back the corner of the page, feel the pages as your turn them, place a real book mark where you have stopped.  Some ebooks were / are cheaper than paperbacks.  You can’t curl up with an ebook reader like you can with a book. You always know where you are in book but on an e-reader it is a %.  A books feels more real to some.

With books you can’t highlight and share right to twitter from the ebook. Some don’t get distracted on an reader like they do with a thick book. Books are usually higher priced. You can read in the dark but have to have a light to hook to the page.  Other people can tell what you are reading.

There are so many pro’s and con’s to e-readers and books. Readers do still read ebooks and paperbacks.  As for me I prefer the iPad to read all my books.  It is easy to put in my purse and go.  If I get bored rendering or need to do other work I have my iPad right there to get things done.  I still do read paperbacks as I do a lot of reviews.

What is your preference and thoughts?