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Free- book 1 The Shinning Ones Series by Shawnee Small



watcher_kindle_smallWatcher: Book One

A stranger walks into a bar sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but for Poesy Wharton, it’s no joke at all.

For Poesy, a twenty-something waitress who’s living paycheck to paycheck, life on Tybee Island is predictably normal until Adam Walker drifts into Paddy’s Bar and Grill, the small town dive where she works. Unable to resist his quirky, English reserve and the strange tingling that plagues her every time they touch, Poesy finds herself drawn to Adam even against the advice of her two best friends, Birdie and Haylee Jane.

When bad things begin to happen including the brutal murder of another local waitress, Poesy finds herself caught between the man she wants and a secret world that could take away everything she knows and loves.

Poesy must choose her path wisely or lose everything . . . but did she ever have a choice?

Watcher is the first book in the new adult urban fantasy series, The Shining Ones.



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protector_kindle_fullsizeProtector: Book Two


 What would you do if the man you loved wasn’t a man at all?

Poesy Wharton now knows the secret that Adam Walker has kept hidden from humanity for millennia, but at what costs?

As the killing spree continues across the little sleepy island of Tybee Island, Poesy must face up to her biggest fears – that the man she loves is a killer or that something bigger is coming, something that will change the face of humanity as she knows it.


Protector is the follow up sequel in The Shining Ones series. 

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 amazon_author_photoAbout The Shining Ones Series


The Shining Ones series is a contemporary fantasy saga set in the community of Tybee Island, Georgia. Consisting of four books in total, the series follows the life of Poesy Wharton, a twenty-four year old “small town” waitress who finds her life is turned upside down the moment a stranger named Adam Walker shows up at Paddy’s, the bar where she works. When strange things begin to happen, including the death of several local girls, Poesy finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy of epic proportions in which she must choose her own destiny – to save humankind or destroy it.

About the Author

Shawnee began writing the first book in the series in early 2010. Drawing on inspiration from her life abroad, as well as, her time in the Goth subculture of the ’80s and ’90s,Watcher was published in February 2012. Protector, the follow up book in The Shining Ones series is out now.

She is currently working on several projects including Betrayer, the third book in The Shining Ones series, and a book of short stories based on ’80s hits.

When not tucked away in the bedroom writing, Shawnee spends her time painting, or hanging out with her husband, and their dog. She lives in Virginia.

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