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Fudging The Books
by Daryl Wood Gerber


Fudging the Books (A Cookbook Nook Mystery)
Series: A Cookbook Nook Mystery (Book 4)
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Berkley (August 4, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-0425279403
E-Book ASIN: B00QH8320E


The Agatha Award–winning author of Stirring the Plotreturns to the Cookbook Nook in Crystal Cove, California, where February brings Pirate Week, National Chocolate Month—and bitter murder…

Pirate Week is sweeping through Crystal Cove and keeping Jenna Hart and her bookstore, the Cookbook Nook, plenty busy. But she’s not too swamped to also host the local Chocolate Cookbook Club’s meeting—especially because the guest of honor is her friend, candy maker and cookbook author Coco Chastain.

Jenna whips up a delicious event amidst the rowdy festivities, but the mood is soon broken by robberies, simmering tempers, and a dead body—Coco’s editor, Alison. The suspects turn out to be more plentiful than a pot full of gold doubloons, so to prove Coco isn’t responsible for the dastardly deed, Jenna will have to stir up some clues and figure out who’s the real sticky-fingered killer…

My thoughts:

I love Daryl’s books she is always amazing me with her recipes and characters.  She doesn’t disappoint with book 4 in  A Cookbook Nook Mystery series.

Crystal Cove is hosting pirate week and of course Jenna Hart is cooks up a fest to celebrate and promote guest author and friend Coco Chastain.  Things go from good to bad in a hurry.  The author does a great job in keeping the reader guessing who the killer is until the end.  You might think it is someone but you keep reading and it is someone else.

This book makes you want to get up and cook which is a great thing or even crave chocolate which is another good thing.  You will want to keep visiting Crystal Cove.


On my cozy blog tour, I am sharing a bunch of chocolate recipes. Why not? The title of my new release is FUDGING THE BOOKS. There are chocolate recipes in the book, too. But for those who don’t want or don’t like chocolate, please try this recipe.

Salted caramel pots de crème are so delicious and easy. The perfect yum at the end of a meal! I found this recipe in a cookbook from Williams-Sonoma called: GLUTEN-FREE Baking by Kristine Kidd.

Some people ask how I got started writing culinary mysteries. Well, when I was offered the Cheese Shop Mysteries, I thought I know cheese; I’m a cook; I used to cater and work in restaurants. I can do this! I had no idea that I would have to know a lot more than that!

For the Cheese Shop Mysteries, I researched the heck out of cheese. Now for the Cookbook Nook Mysteries, I research cookbooks, like the William Sonoma book. I love cookbooks. I’ve learned so much about the various authors, what draws readers to cookbooks, what draws cooks to cookbooks. And I try to incorporate all of that into my writing. What fun!

By the way, you’ll find lots of recipes I’ve created for my books or for Mystery Lovers Kitchen blog (where authors cook up crime) on my website under the heading: Recipes! There are over 150! So I guess you could say I don’t just write about foodie mysteries, I write about food!

Do you use cookbooks or wing it when you cook?

Savor the Mystery!

Daryl Wood Gerber

Tasty ~ Zesty ~ Dangerous


Salted Caramel Pots de Crème



¾ cup sugar

1 ½ cups heavy cream

½ cup whole milk

6 large egg yolks

¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1/8 teaspoon kosher salt (I used ¼ teaspoon)

Fleur de sel or other flaky sea salt for sprinkling (I couldn’t find this!)



Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Place 6 2/3-cup (5 fl oz) or 3/4-cup (6 fl oz) custard cups or ramekins in a large roasting pan.

Set a fine-mesh sieve over a large glass, measuring cup. [Note: I skipped this step. See below.]

Bring a kettle of water to boil. (Fill it with about 6 – 8 cups water)

In a large heavy-bottomed saucepan over low heat, stir together the sugar and ¼ cup water until the sugar dissolves. Raise the heat to medium-high and boil, without stirring, until the mixture turns a deep amber color, occasionally brushing down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush and swirling the mixture in the pan, about 6 minutes. (Mine took about 8-9 minutes.)

Gradually whisk in the cream and milk (the mixture will bubble vigorously).

Reduce the heat to medium, and stir with a wooden spoon until all the caramel bits dissolve. (My caramel was one big glob, but it eventually dissolved completely, about 3-4 minutes.)

In a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks until frothy. [Note: set aside your egg whites if you want to make something meringue-y.] Slowly add the hot caramel mixture, whisking constantly.

Stir in the vanilla and kosher salt. Immediately pour the mixture into the sieve. [Like I said, I skipped this part; didn’t need it – I had no lumps!]. Divide the mixture among the cups.

Remember the billing pot of water you put on? Use it here. Add enough hot water to the pan to come halfway up the sides of the cups. Cover the pan with foil.

Bake the pots de crème until they’re just set around the edges but still move in the center when gently shaken, about 35 minutes. Carefully remove the cups from the pan and let cool completely on a wire rack. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or up to 2 days.

Sprinkle with a pinch of salt over each pot de crème and serve cold.












Two Giveaways:

 1- Giveaway for a wonderful gift package that includes 6 books! ( Rafflecopter )

2- Giveaway 1 print copy of a Cookbook Nook Mystery- Winner’s Choice.  ( Comment on what your favorite cozy read is.) 

Fudging the Books (A Cookbook Nook Mystery 4) or 

Inherit the Word (A Cookbook Nook Mystery 2) or

Final Sentence (A Cookbook Nook Mystery 1) or

Stirring the Plot (A Cookbook Nook Mystery 3)
a Rafflecopter giveaway




Agatha Award-winning and nationally bestselling author DARYL WOOD GERBER writes the Cookbook Nook Mysteries, set in the fictional coastal town of Crystal Cove, California.  As Avery Aames, she also writes the Cheese Shop Mysteries, set in quaint Providence, Ohio. Fun tidbit: as an actress, Daryl appeared in “Murder, She Wrote”. She is married, loves to cook, and has a darling, frisky Goldendoodle named Sparky. Visit Daryl or Avery at www.darylwoodgerber.com. Connect with her on Twitter, and Facebook, and don’t forget to sign up for her Keepin’ it Cozy newsletter.




  • Patricia T

    My favorite cozy read has to have a cat in it, so the Cookbook Nook mysteries is on that list! 🙂 patucker54 (at aol dot com)

  • holdenj

    The Salted Caramel pots look delicious!
    One of my favorite cozy reads is Inherit the Word!

  • Jeannie Daniel

    I love anything caramel, salted is even better. Love this series,
    I collect vintage cookbooks and love cookbooks, so this series is right up my alley. Love the covers too!

  • Jeanie Dannheim

    Nice review and recipe; thanks for being a tour guide and the chance to win! This is a fun series, can’t wait to catch up on it!

  • Kathleen Costa

    I appreciate Daryl’s work to present gluten-free recipes…Salted Caramel Pot de Creme? Wow! I love Daryl’s books…Thanks for the great blog!

  • Lin Casteel-Butler

    Love this series and Daryl is one of my fav authors. Recipes are very easy for everyone.

  • Sheryl

    i love when I can cook recipes from the books. This recipe looks amazing. Can’t wait for a chance to read the story that goes with it.

  • Sheryl

    my favorite cozy read at the moment is Mary Kennedy’s Nightmares Can Be Murder. She has me making candy and baking from reading her story! I like sitting with the characters and sharing the same snack.

  • Jen

    My favorite cozy is one that features pets. Thank you for the review, recipe, and giveaway! I am looking forward to reading the book.

  • Meredith Hillenbrand

    I love all kinds of cozy mysteries! I don’t really have favorites, although I have had cats in my life as long as I can remember, soooo. lol I do also enjoy getting new recipes, since I cook best from them, however, sometimes I can do pretty well winging it! Your books sound wonderful, and I can’t wait to start reading them! Thank you for this awesome giveaway and chance. I am so sorry to have missed your release party, so belated congratulations! 🙂

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    I don’t have a particular favorite, I love everything the Cozy Chicks do .
    I like those with cats and dogs and recipes.