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Gell Pens via #iMustech product review

Today I had the pleasure of reviewing the Gell Pens by iMustech.  They did great with coloring and writing as you will see in the video below. Easy to use and best of all the color does not bleed and is sharp. The price for the pens is not bad considering you are getting 12. Compared to a few other brands. The pens are easy to handle while working with them.
Great for all ages to use. My boys are 7 and 8 and they made a few pictures using the pens and want some of their own now and more coloring books. Scrapbooking, Journals, Drawing, Coloring, Diary, Nail Art, Greeting Cards, Party Invites, Crafting, Doodling, Decorating, Stamping, Tattoos. Great for small detail work.

12 different colors, with red, gold red, coffee, yellow, pink, light pink, blue, night blue, orange, purple, black, green.

Diamond Head: The pen point of gel pen is in a diamond shape

Acid Free & Non-Toxic

If you are looking for some great pens this is the pack to buy.

You can find more about the pins on Amazon here