Product Review

Glass Meal Prep Containers product review

I love these glass containers.  s.  Each one has 3-Compartment, airtight lids with In-Built Cutlery Slot and FREE Reusable Flatware Set.  ( in handy for lunches or dinners for any of us in the family. )

What I like best is the portion controls for those of us on a diet. Each container can hold up to 4 cups of food.  With the airtight lids, you cannot spill a thing out of the container.  I have had soup and the container on its side and the car seat was still nice and dry.  I mainly use it for my salads.  Easy to place the meat on one side and the veggies in the other with the salad dressing in the 3rd section.  Nothing gets soggy or ruined.

Not only are they dishwasher safe, microwavable, can be stored in the freezer without cracking, and are even oven-safe up to 752 F. There is not much out there that can do the same thing. They are easy to use and keep clean.

Frankly, there is NOTHING I don’t like about these containers.  My husband is picky about what he eats out of on his job site and these are his favorite. I would like to get a second set so each family member can have their own container.