Book 1 & 2 A Josie Rizzo Mystery by J R Pearson book reviews.

29233350She and her furry companion, Petey, set out to start fresh in the food loving town of Greenville. Josie is excited to introduce the readers of her food blog to the town’s delicious creations.
But when a young woman is murdered at a local burger joint, Josie must sacrifice all she has planned to accomplish to prevent a person from her past from being wrongly accused of the woman’s death.
And things start to heat up when the killer sets his sights on Josie.
Will she be able to enjoy Greenville’s belly-rubbing cuisines and begin a new chapter in her life? Or will the killer cut Josie’s dreams short and make sure that basket of onion rings are her last?


My thoughts:

I love this series from the first few pages.  JR Pearson is a new to me author.  I just happen to see her on FB and we talked for a few and I was given the first two books for an honest review.

I am so glad I did Josie is a wonderful sleuth even when she doesn’t know she is going to be.  She can attract some weird situations.  Josie is a foodie and works hard on her blog with pictures and write ups of her favorite places and recipes.  She wants to get into writing for magazine.

She gets a job with her best friend Brad at a deli after she has moved 30 miles away from her parents house.  Little does she know a old friend and neighbor that she hasn’t seen in a while is the owner now that his uncle has retired.

Tony is the new owner of the deli and Josie is shocked to see him after so many years have passed.  A woman has been found beaten to death and Tony is the first person they accuse of murder.  Everyone suspects him but Josie.  She knows he could not have done it.  Even though his father was in prison for killing Tony’s mother does’t mean he is a killer in her eyes.

Josie and Tony start becoming close as she helps prove he is innocent.  Someone is after Josie for getting to close to the truth and even gets run off the road.  Tony protects her but will it be enough?

The characters are great and I enjoyed the new twist of the heroine not falling for the detective in this series.  The author has done a great job with this new series.  A lot of funny moments really make you fall in love with these characters.



29548513Small container of pickle spears……$2.99

Hot corned beef sandwich…………….$6.99

Large antipasto platter ………………$10.99
*Green olives included*

One cold dead body……(Prices may vary)

Josie and her best friend, Brad, are next in line at Greenville’s famous pastrami-sandwich-producing hotspot–Danny’s Deli. Their highly anticipated lunch break turns stale when employee Gordy Fitzgerald’s body is found in the freezer.

Word soon surfaces that Gordy had been stabbed shortly before being found–and the weapon is missing. Locals are devastated by the discovery, and the amount of speculation on the killer’s identity is far greater than the holes on a block of Swiss cheese.

Who killed the beloved sandwich wizard?

Josie’s untamed curiosity is determined to answer just that.

Along the way, she has a few tasks at hand: maintaining a blog, coming to terms with her feelings for Tony, and keeping up with the shenanigans of her corgi, Petey.

All this, and finding a killer.

Shouldn’t be too hard. Living in a small town like Greenville, there’s no place anyone can hide.

Not even a murderer…right?


My thoughts:

Josie is at it again.  She falls into another murder investigation.  Tony is not too happy neither is Brad. Josie and her buddy Brad are waiting in line at Danny’s Deli when Gordy is found murdered in the freezer.  The weapon is not found and word spreads quickly.  Again, Detective Evans is keeping an eye on Tony Santino but this time he had nothing to do with the murder.

Brad and Josie really get into some funny situations.  They visit the old nursing home that Gordy’s mom died at.  Was she helped? The grounds keeper tells them to get out and Brad tells her to book it.  Another funny moment in the series.  Brad and Josie together are a hoot and then Tony and Josie’s feelings are getting stronger.

So many twists make the series wonderful.

We find out in book one that Tony’s father is in prison but we soon learn he is out and keeping an eye on both Tony and Josie.  Why?  We will have to keep reading the books to find out.

I am looking forward to the next story.

About the author:


J R Pearson has loved reading cozy mysteries for years and was inspired to write her own. Introducing funny characters, yummy foods, cozy small town life, hot detectives, and a stubborn female protagonist. J R Pearson also loves to watch murder mysteries while snuggling on the couch with her family