Guest Author Brenda Youngerman

Please help me welcome Brenda to the blog today.  She has agreed to guest post today.  Thank you Brenda for coming by today.



First here is my review:


Brenda did a remarkable job with her writing.  She brings two families together and went going back so far to show how the decisions affected the next generation.  I had so many emotions as I was reading the book.  You will get pulled into the story and enjoy it.  The beginning might be a bit confusing, but don’t let that stop you.  As you read on you will be taken into the Kanes and Lake’s lives.  I was looking forward to the read as I have 4 adopted boys and know how it can change your families lives.  Most in a good way and some not so good.    I would recommend this book highly.

Guest Post :

Imagine yourself opening up a refrigerator and all you see are white walls and a blinding light. You quickly close it and reopen it again and this time you see a fountain of chocolate gurgling over fresh strawberries (well this only works if you like strawberries dipped in chocolate – I suppose). You quickly shut the door again, thinking you’ve gone completely mad, open it for the third time and your refrigerator is back to normal – fruits and veggies in their appropriate bins, milk and juices where they belong and all the day old boring food filling up the other voids.  You just caught a glimpse into the mind of an obsessed author. Sometimes the light is on, sometimes the fountain is flowing and other times it is full of clutter.

I know you won’t believe me when I tell you that I just made that up as I sat here and typed it, but that is exactly the truth and honestly that is how I write a book as well. I know somewhat how I want the book to be, but it never quite goes by plan…and most of that has to do with the characters and what they say to me. I have to say that writing is perhaps my favorite way of communicating and I think that is because it doesn’t matter if I start to cry in the middle of my conversation and there is no one around to make fun of me if I flub up a sentence, I just hit the back space and correct myself.

When I was fifteen years old I wrote the most depressing short story about a jilted girl who clung to the scent of a rose as if it would bring back her true love — how was I supposed to know that would be the beginning of my writing career? I literally pour my heart and soul into every one of my books and each and every one of them is so different from the next. I write myself an outline and when the book is done I go back and say to myself, “Well, I guess I did that.”

The truth is that when I set out to write a book I know what message I want to get across, the fact is that when the book is completed there are a multitude of messages ingrained within the story. I feel like the stories have layers and it is my responsibility to bring all of those layers together and tie a pretty bow on them at the end. Now, that does not necessarily mean everyone has a happy ending…because life does not always have a happy ending.

Fiction with a Purpose is all about the reality of life with real people and real issues. That doesn’t mean they are really people I know…they are people I make up and describe as close to reality as I can make them…and if at the end of the book someone closes it and asks, “Was that real?” I did a good job….but more importantly, if that same person says, “Hmmm, am I that bad? or, Do I treat people that way? Or do I need help too?” Then that is really what Fiction with a Purpose is all about!

Being an author was not something I grew up wanting to be…it’s not like when I was seven someone would ask “what do you want to be when you grow up?” …and that would be my answer. But at this point in my life it is so natural I can’t imagine doing anything else. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. I always have at least one book in process and another one brewing.

I think everyone grows up with the notion of ‘true love’ and ‘happily ever after.’ It’s taught to us as children. Fairy Tales and children’s books all have heroes that sweep in and save the damsels in distress. Prince Charming rides in on his white horse and saves the day.  I’m just not sure that in the real world any of us are really taught how to attain that ‘happily ever after’. There aren’t classes on what to do after the wedding party is over and all the guests go home and the pretty dress gets boxed up. Or when the pressures of work and bills pile up who do we turn to?

Books allow us to escape into a different world and pretend. For those few moments or hours we get to be that Princess, or damsel in distress, or the knight in shining armor who come in and save the day.  All reality floats away as our favorite authors tell their grand stories. Some of the best romance novel don’t have the happy ending that we would like, but isn’t that what life is really? We cry and wish it were a different way. Are we crying for the characters or are we crying for ourselves? I imagine it’s a bit of both. I have not written one book that I haven’t cried while I was writing it. I feel what each one of my characters feels and what they are going through. Because the truth is that my characters write their own stories. They speak to me and the books are written. Often times I have no idea where the stories are going and then…poof! It is written.

With the release of Disrupted Lives, my sixth novel, I entered a new genre – historical fiction. I created a family that spanned one hundred years. With the Lake family I brought in racial discrimination that carried over from the Civil War. I researched high society in Georgia and what it took to be a southern belle. That is not at all what the story started out to be! Disrupted Lives had started out to be a story about a child who had been given up for adoption and how that affected his life, his biological parents’ lives and his adopted parents lives. However, Fiction with a Purpose ALWAYS goes one step further and brought in so much more!

If there is one thing that can be said of my novels, I hope it is that I give a voice to those who cannot speak. I give a platform for the social injustices that need to be heard and that issues that others would like to see swept under the rug are brought to the light of day.

There are brief descriptions of all of my books on both my website, and my blog,


I am often asked if my stories are real. One of my goals is to have my readers finish a book and believe the story to be true. I want to be able to weave a story that is so realistic, that gets into the heart, soul and mind of a character that you, the reader, feel what they feel – because after all, art does mimic life.


My hope is that when a reader completes a Youngerman novel the story stays with them after the book has finished and the social implications don’t go away. I write Fiction with a Purpose. We all share this world. It is just as easy to be kind to each other as it is not to be….why not pick up a book with a purpose and come along for the ride?