Guest Elizabeth Singer Hunt with Interview & Giveaway

Please help me welcome Elizabeth to the blog today.  She has written a remarkable  or as my boys say an awesome series.  Elizabeth has been kind enough to answer some questions.  Below are descriptions of book 13  The Hunt for the Yeti Skul and book 14 The Mission to Find Max.

There is a giveaway for both books at the bottom of this post.  Be sure to enter to win.  There will be 1 winner for both books.


Now for the interview:
FROM ELIZABETH SINGER HUNT, author of the Jack Stalwart series:
Babs….Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Elizabeth: No! For years, I worked as a ‘suit’ in advertising, hawking everything from pizzas to bleach. After moving to England in 1999, I found myself at a career crossroads and was no longer fulfilled by my job. The only thing that I enjoyed doing was travelling. The creation of 9-year-old Secret Agent Jack Stalwart was borne out of a desire to carry on travelling, even if it was only in my mind. I also wanted to teach children about the world. I grew up in Louisiana, where talk of foreign places was sadly not  a priority in school.

Babs…..What would you like your readers to get out of your Secret Agent Jack Stalwart Series?
Elizabeth: I’d love for children to feel transported to these foreign locations and to come away from each book feeling empowered from Jack’s adventures.

Babs…..Do you have a current project in the works?
Elizabeth: I have just wrapped up the last two books in the Jack Stalwart series. That makes 14 in total. Now, I am going to switch gears to writing adventure books set in SE Asia; one of my favorite places to visit on the planet.

Babs…..Do you have a ritual when you are writing? ( ie. coffee, music, food etc)
Elizabeth: Honestly, I am terrible when I work! I tend to drink and eat very unhealthy things like Cokes and Doritos. I probably shouldn’t admit to that.

Babs…..Hobbies outside of writing?
Elizabeth: Obviously, I like to travel. I recently visit Angkor in Cambodia and Thailand where I continue to practice my language skills. My children and I take road trips to LA every now and again to visit Universal Studios and Disneyland. Beyond that, we are a busy family whose lives are filled with school and sporting events. Soccer and golf are very big sports in our home.

Babs….What book or books are you currently reading?
Elizabeth: Good question! I tend to read more children’s books than adult books, not only because I’m curious but also because I have a 1st and 4th grader. I loved the Hunger Games trilogy, and recently read Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet.

Babs….If you could be one character from one of your books who would it be?
Elizabeth: Obviously, I’d have to pick ‘Jack’ as he really IS me (in a 9 year old boy form).

Babs…Favorite drink?
Elizabeth: Coca-Cola.

Babs…..What is your favorite ice cream?
Elizabeth: Vanilla. For a person who loves to experience new things, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to ice cream flavors.

Babs….What is your favorite food?
Elizabeth: Growing up in Louisiana, I was exposed to so many different delicious kinds of foods. So, I’d have to say anything from Louisiana like crawfish, gumbo or etouffee.

Babs…Anything else you would like to add?  ( links to any blogs/sites to follow etc)
Elizabeth: If any of your readers want to learn more about the Jack Stalwart series for younger readers, they can or for more information.


The Hunt for the Yeti Skul

Nine-year-old Jack Stalwart is like most young boys. He spends his days going to school, playing sports, and finishing his homework before bedtime. But Jack is no ordinary kid. Not when he’s the most decorated junior agent in the Global Protection Force (or GPF) arsenal. Nearly every night, Jack travels to a new country to fight evil villains and protect the world’s most precious people, places and possessions. When a plane carrying a special team of scientists goes missing over Mount Everest, Jack sets aside his homework and gets to Nepal—fast.
THE HUNT FOR THE YETI SKULL (Book 13 in the Secret Agent Jack Stalwart series), features Jack Stalwart, THE action-adventure hero for the younger reader, on a quest to recover the first true Yeti skull—proof that the legendary Abominable Snowman really existed. Surviving the highest mountain on earth and the threats of a band of Russian spies is all in an evening’s work for this junior agent.
Young readers won’t want to miss THE HUNT FOR THE YETI SKULL, the latest installment in the action-packed (and educational) series from million-copy selling author Elizabeth Singer Hunt.


Nine-year-old Jack Stalwart and his eleven-year-old brother, Max, are like most young boys. They spend their days going to school, playing sports, and finishing their homework before bedtime. But Jack and his brother Max are very different from other kids. They’re junior agents for the Global Protection Force (or GPF) an organization of secret agents tasked with protecting the world’s most precious people, places and possessions. Max joined first, then mysteriously disappeared on one of his missions. Jack soon followed, not only to fight evil but also to find his beloved brother, Max.

In THE MISSION TO FIND MAX (the final book, Book 14, in the Secret Agent Jack Stalwart series), the long- awaited answer as to whether Jack finally finds is brother is provided for the series’ legion of fans.

While the GPF had always refused to share details with Jack about Max’s whereabouts, Jack was able to collect clues in previous books pointing to Max being in Egypt. With the help of a GPF insider, Jack finally travels to Egypt where he finds not only his brother, but the reason behind his brother’s disappearance. Jack’s arch nemesis—a greedy archaeologist from Book 5—has captured Max and pried from him the location of the ancient treasure that Max was guarding—King Tut’s diadem, a crown believed to possess unspeakable power. With the archaeologist now in possession of the diadem, Jack, Max and Kate (also from Book 5) race against time to stop the archaeologist before he unleashes the power across Egypt itself.

The final globe-trotting adventure in the million-copy selling hit series, THE MISSION TO FIND MAX is the perfect way to entertain—and educate—boys and girls alike.

My Reviews:

I have never seen my sons take to a book even a series as they have with Jack Stalwart.  The boys are 8 and 14 and they devoured these books.   I love it as my oldest hates reading anything other than WWII history.  I was thankful to read these two books if for nothing else then the boys enjoying them.  I however did, the little kid in me loved seeing Jack as an agent.

#13:  A new student Marko annoys Jack as during the day Jack is in school like “normal” kids and an agent the rest of the day.  Marko likes to gloat even when he cheats at something.  Jack goes to Nepal and what he finds there is astonishing.  The adventure along the job is exciting and you feel you are there with Jack investigating and getting the job done.   This is just the beginning for us, we are getting the other books and start at book #1.  This is a fun and must read that any child from 6 on up will love to read.


#14:  Another great adventure as Jack takes us to Egypt in the hope to find his brother Max.  With the help of his old friend Kate they might just find out what happens to Max and stop the curse before anything can happen.  I enjoyed this book just as much as the other one.  I like seeing some new characters especially Kate. The banter between them is cute.  Definitely going to keep reading this series I enjoy it as much as my boys do.



Elizabeth Singer Hunt is originally from New Orleans and now lives in Northern California. Inspired by her love of travel, she created the Secret Agent Jack Stalwart series as a way to educate children about the countries and cultures of the world. It has been selected by Britain’s Education Secretary as a “must read” for boys, featured on various UK talk and radio shows and awarded a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award medal for helping to “inspire children to read, to learn and to dream.”


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