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>Guest Sabrina Carpenter


 Thank you Sabrina for coming by today to talk with us.  The boys love your book and looking for more.

Babs…When did you know you wanted to write?

Sabrina…….My passion for writing began with the onset of learning to create letters of the alphabet. I started writing poetry at age 7 and created ongoing submissions to the “Letters to the Editor” section of our local newspaper at age 8. Writing was fun for me and seemed to come very naturally, I believe in part because I was also an avid reader. I flew through entire Stephen King novels at 8-9 years old and quickly broadened my vocabulary and increased my desire to perfect my writing skills.
When I was 16 years old, I was accepted to Wesleyan University’s Center for Creative Youth summer program with a full scholarship. I studied under professional authors, poets and professors and it was the single most influential experience in my writing history. It was at this time that I also began competing in poetry slams and fell in love with spoken word performances.
I always knew I wanted to be a “real” writer but faced much scrutiny and doubt from those who didn’t really understand how much drive that my passion for writing had created within me.
In late 2006, I finally started my freelance writing business, Perfected Pen. I now specialize in many facets of writing for both businesses and individuals. My services include website content, newsletters, press releases, social media management, resumes, ghostwriting and much more. I get an immense amount of fulfillment from knowing that I can pursue a career that I love, all while helping others.
In early 2010, I began a small publishing division, Perfected Pen Publishing, to help new authors with their manuscripts and assist them in the publishing process. In the interim, I have published a poetry anthology called “Betting on One Percent” as well as my first children’s book, “The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy”.

Babs…..How did you come up with the idea for The Adventures of Isaiah James?

Sabrina……I was diagnosed with cancer at age nineteen and after a five-year battle, I was told I would likely never be able to have children. While part of me felt devastated, I still held onto the hope that motherhood was in my future. After two and a half years of grueling fertility treatments, my son Isaiah was conceived through in-vitro fertilization. I felt so blessed and knew that after all I had endured, there was nothing I couldn’t conquer.
I wanted to write children’s books from a very young age and the birth of my son Isaiah was the final inspiration I needed to get that adventure underway. I wrote five books in the series, the first of which was published in September of 2010 entitled, “The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy”. The series focuses on getting kids excited about reading. Our children have so many distractions like TV, video games and computers that reading is becoming a lost pastime. I want to encourage them to read by making the books fun, interactive, educational and relatable. I hope to show them that everything in life is an adventure!

Babs…….Will this be a series?

Sabrina……Yes! As of right now, there are five books in the series written. Some of Isaiah James’ future adventures will include reaching for the stars, learning to speak Spanish and exploring the rain forest.

Babs……..Are there any other genre’s  you would like to write about?

Sabrina……..I have written a book of poetry, “Betting on One Percent” and have a couple of novels that are in the works as well as a second children’s book series for a higher age group. My goal is always to inspire, uplift and encourage people in every facet of life.

Babs……….As a fellow cancer survivor I know for me it opened up my eyes about different things.  Has it changed your life?

Sabrina…….I tell people all the time that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. I went from a distracted teenager to a focused adult almost overnight. I learned to genuinely live each day to the fullest and to give back to my community whenever possible. I have been volunteering and doing motivational speaking for the American Cancer Society for 11 years. I recently held a benefit for a local food bank as well, and it is very important that my children (yes, two!) learn to be philanthropists from a very young age.
Six months after my son Isaiah was born, my husband and I found out I was pregnant again, this time with no fertility treatments. My 2nd son, Micah, was born in December of 2009.
I could have easily given up after my cancer diagnosis; on life and on having children, but I held on to faith and perseverance and my story is nothing short of “Happily Ever After”!

“The Adventures of Isaiah James: Beach Boy” is available on and autographed copies of both of my books are available

Barbara, thank you for taking the time to read my book and for writing such a glowing review. I appreciate being a guest on your blog and wish you the best in health and happiness.

Sabrina K. Carpenter