Her Cadillac Cowboy by Rue Allyn Book Review

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy (I take on the lighter side of serious issues, like parental care and the roles of men and women.)

Blurb: A rich cowboy with a classic Cadillac—sounds like the stuff of dreams for a small-town Texas girl, right? Wrong! Josh McKinley and his classic car have been Sara Carson’s nightmare since Josh left ten years ago. Now the cowboy and his Caddy are back. Sara must choose between loyalty to her family and love for the one man she shouldn’t want. 

Is the key to Sara Carson’s heart the Cadillac that their families have been feuding over for ten years? Or will Josh McKinley have to give up the car he treasures in order to win the woman he loves?

My thoughts:

Sara has come back home from Alaska since her dad has had a heart attack.  Donnie her bother needs help with the car deanship, Carson’s.  What she doesn’t expect is her old crush and one who broke her heart, Josh McKinley to be included.
Josh has leased the empty warehouse from her brother Donnie.  Which stirs up a whole mess with Sara as that was supposed to be for the RV part of Carsons with Mega Motors.  Can Sara make Josh see reason?
Josh wants Sara back but with the feud between families it might be impossible . But with some shady things going down at the dealership you never know what might happen.
The author has done a fantastic job with this story. The characters will come alive as you turn the pages.  Your heart goes out to both Sara and Josh.  You will hate seeing the book end. Wonderful job.

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