Interview with Author Tony Lee

What is the book about?
Playing Mrs Kingston is a suspense thriller and murder mystery that follows Catriona Kingston, a struggling actress in New York City, who receives an incredible part to play a rich man’s wife. But things go awry when he is murdered and Catriona finds herself with the title of Mrs. Kingston and the target of the murderer. The story is full of glamorous characters you would like to meet at a party, with colorful dialogue, costumes and settings, set against the backdrop of 1950s America.

What inspired you to write the book?
I’ve always been inspired by people pretending to be someone they are not. To some degree we all put on a front to others in life and at work. I was inspired by the writing of Patricia Highsmith, particularly Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley, both books feature characters who assume other identities. I also love irony and coincidence and was greatly inspired by Thomas Hardy as a teenager.

How has Alfred Hitchcock influenced your work?
I’ve written three books on Alfred Hitchcock and he was a master storyteller and a great entertainer. He followed several principles when constructing a screenplay, including the sudden shifting of locations, giving the audience information to create suspense, using both locations and props to advance your plot and writing dialogue with subtext. I followed these rules when writing my novel, and discuss them in more detail in my book Alfred Hitchcock’s Movie Making Masterclass published by Michael Wiese Books.

Alfred Hitchcock's Masterclass Cover



Tell us about you as a writer?
I’m a television producer and documentary filmmaker and have been fortunate to travel the world with my work, which has brought me into contact with many different kinds of people and situations. I’m storing half a dozen novel ideas from these experiences, which I plan to write in the next few years. I love New York, where I worked for six months, and have written two books set in the city. New York is such a vibrant cosmopolitan city of different cultures and that is reflected in my novel which is populated by Italians, Polish, Swiss, German and South African immigrants.







Who do you think will enjoy your book?
I think anyone who enjoys a good yarn will like this book. Definitely one for mystery and suspense lovers, those who are interested in the 1950s period settings and anyone who would like to follow the protagonist through the glamorous settings of Manhattan







Book Synopsis

Tony Lee Moral’s murder mystery/love story Playing Mrs. Kingston, is now available. Published by Porfirio Press, and imprint of Zharmae Publishing Press!
When actress Catriona Benedict is approached by Miles Kingston, it is much more than admiration for her work…it is the audition of a lifetime.

Miles can’t touch his inheritance unless he is married by the time he turns forty. This international playboy would rather not, but his need for money overrides all else and he asks Catriona to pretend to be Catherine Kingston at all costs.

Murder, forgeries, burglaries, stalkings, and the sacrifice of her one true love. What else must she do playing Mrs. Kingston?

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Published by Porfirio Press