Kellynch: Sequel To Jane Austen’s Persuasion by Kwen Griffith book review


Jane Austen completed “Persuasion” in August 1816. It was to be her last book. She left us with the story of Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth and she left them approaching “happily ever after.” What happens the day following “happily ever after?”
The story of Kellynch picks up three years after the couple married and were able to secure the Kellynch estate from Sir Walter and Cousin William Elliot agreed to waive the entailment.
It would seem all is well with the young couple, but all is not as it seems.
Kellynch is a story of deceit and treachery as well as courage and overcoming the odds. It is a story in which those who were assumed to be friends are not and where support comes from unexpected places. Love again, will, be tested in a story set against the backdrop of historical events.
Throughout the book, I have tried to remain true to the characters as Miss Austen created them. I sought to develop and introduce new characters that would meet with her approval.
My thoughts:
There are several books out there that try to be like Pride & Prejudice.  I was surprised when I was contacted by the author to read Kellynch based off Persusaion.  I jumped right into the read.
All seems well for Anne and Wentworth until he has to go see Elliot about the estate.  Anne has her own problems with feeling unloved at the moment with no child and Wentworth leaving.
Wentworth has to go back to sea to try and save Kellynch as Elliot was not a great cousin as we thought.
While he is gone rumors start around that he has left Anne of course her rather and sister show up to support her.  Thankfully Anne knows best and tries to carry on.
Can Wentworth save Kellynch and his marriage?
The author does a good job trying to stay true to JA.  The book was fun to read and was read in one sitting.
I was given this book by the author for an honest review.