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#1 New York Times bestseller Linda Lael Miller is kicking off her brand new Bliss County series in June with the new book THE MARRIAGE PACT and I would love to have you be apart of the blog tour! June is wedding month and Linda has a great twist on a book about finding Mr. Right just in time for summer reading.

When Hadleigh Stevens and her single friends form a marriage pact to each find their Mr. Right, Hadleigh is determined that Tripp Galloway won’t get in the way of her plans. Divorced and back in Bliss County to save the family ranch, Tripp interrupted Hadleigh walking down the aisle ten years ago. And even though that marriage would’ve been a big, youthful mistake, Hadleigh doesn’t want Tripp stopping her from saying, “I do,” this time around.



Mini Q&A with Linda Lael Miller, author of THE MARRIAGE PACT

Q: It’s exciting to read your new Bliss County series! What inspired you to write this new series and how long have you had the idea for THE MARRIAGE PACT?


A:I was actually inspired by my own penchant for arts and crafts, since I love to make things, and by the beautiful state of Wyoming.  In the books, three women friends, all successful in their own right, decide to help each other find husbands. One of the women is a jewelry designer, and she makes a special bracelet charm to represent each of their romances.  If I hadn’t already been inspired, my visit to Jackson, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park last September would have done the trick.



Q: In THE MARRIAGE PACT, Hadleigh is determined to find Mr. Right but it turns out Mr. Right isn’t who she thought he would be. Do you think most relationships are like that?


A: Maybe not most relationships, but definitely a lot of them.  I think we human beings have a tendency to look for love (and everything else) in strange and faraway places, instead of in our own backyard.



Q: The pressure to get married can be huge for women. Do you think you can really find love when you are “looking” for it? Or is it easier to fall in love if you aren’t on the hunt?


A: Complex question!  I do think it’s possible to find true love by actively looking for it—several of my friends have done exactly that.  On the other hand, there is something to be said for letting the chips fall where they may.



Q: The group of women Hadleigh makes the “marriage pact” with are dear friends to her. Do you have a group of friends like she does? What makes friendship between women so special?


A: I do have a group of very close friends, people I would literally trust with my life. Women are especially good at friendship, I think, because they know how to nurture, and they’re generally quite empathetic.

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