Be Mine in Good Hope by Cindy Kirk, book review

Celebrated hairstylist Marigold Bloom knows how to tease beauty out of chaos…until her own life becomes untamable. After losing her prestigious job in Chicago, Marigold returns home to Good Hope, Wisconsin. But her plan to lay low and consider her next move is complicated by an unexpected blast from the past.

Sheriff Cade Rallis has never forgotten the blissful weekend he spent with the irresistible Marigold in Door County. Seeing her again is like a one-two punch to his heart, and he knows he can’t lose her a second time.

Marigold never meant for her stay in Good Hope to be permanent, and she certainly never meant to fall for Cade. As Valentine’s Day approaches and her dream job beckons, will Cupid’s grip on Marigold be strong enough to keep her in Good Hope? Or will the lure of fame and fortune in the big city prove impossible to resist?

My thoughts:

Marigold is back home after she looses her great job in Chicago.  Her boss thought she was taken over his clients and doing wrong. Now trying to decide what to do with herself when she runs into Cade.  Cade is the local sheriff of Good Hope and had a great time with her long ago.  When he sees her he knows he is not letting her go a second time.

Marigold doesn’t plan to stay in Good Hope but Cade might have other plans.

What a great read and the pages start flying faster and faster as the readers gets into the book.  Cade really wants Marigold to stay in town and work things out but Marigold wants to make her dream come true.  She did once and she can again and no man is going to stop her.  The setting is great and you find yourself in the story helping fix up her temporary shop to cut hair.  There are some laugh out loud moments that make you love the characters and author even more.