Misled: A bad boy mafia romantic suspense by Penelope Marshall and Tia Lewis, book review

Mixing business with pleasure was not my usual MO as a bounty hunter—until her.

She was scared and alone, running from the very man who’d hired me to hunt her down.

I knew what he’d do if I turned her over—she wasn’t going to make it out alive.

Common sense told me to look the other way.
After all, no one f*cked with the Sabella crime family—until now.

Guaranteed HEA!!


My thoughts:

Isaiah is a former seal and now a fixer for the Sabella family.  He has been asked to take care of the bosses sister, Mellissa but he knows what will happen when he takes her back.  He doesn’t care until he finds her at his apartment. Once he finds her more of the bosses men come as well and wants to take them both out.  Do they come out of this together and in one piece?

A quick read about bad boy and sweet girl.  The authors do a great job with the pace of the story and throwing these two together makes the story work.  The characters get to know themselves better along with the reader and you find yourself hoping they make it out alive.