Monat Hair Review & Giveaway


I had the pleasure of reviewing Monat for my hair.  I have thinning hair due to my Thyroid disease.  Below is the ones I have been using for two weeks.  I can tell a big difference in my hair.  It feels and looks fuller and shiner.  It is nice to not get comments on how thin my hair is.

You start with the shampoo and run on scale and hair.  Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and repeat again.  Once you got the 2nd session done make sure you ring out your hair well and  you follow up with the conditioner.    You rub into hair and then immediately rinse out.  After you get out of the shower and get dress you are going to want to spray the Reshape Root Lifter on your roots and style and go.  I don’t dry my hair I let it air dry as it is wavy.  I go and love it this has really worked well on my hair.

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Product Description

Thank you for the opportunity to share these amazing salon quality products with you.
Monat is a truly revolutionary product line that has been developed over a number of years and is botanically based.  Have you ever pondered why your hair can look and feel wonderful one day, but be brittle and unmanageable the next? Our hair is subjected to abuse day in and day out, not just from products but from changes in the environment, weather and exposure to pollutants. Unless you wear a hat all the time, there was no way to combat these ravaging effects … until now.

All MONAT products are sustainable and naturally based, with active botanicals that have stood the test of time, such as Abyssinian Oil, Red Clover Extract and Pea Extract. These powerful botanicals protect the hair against UV and free-radical damage, and infuse each strand with vitamins and minerals that combat oxidative stress while proactive amino acids repair and replace nutrients at the cellular level.  With sustained use of MONAT, you’ll experience noticeable regrowth, decreased thinning and stronger  follicles. It’s a recipe for health, regardless of your hair type and damage.  MONAT addresses these external stressors as well as the body chemistry that affects hair health and growth. Its unique blend of naturally-based oils works in harmony to promote hair growth, improve follicle strength, and add luster and vitality. Our proprietary formulas seep hair in indulgent moisture, reducing dry and brittle texture to deliver new life and hydration to every strand.  Check them out at