Mother’s Day and what it means to you!

I have mixed feelings on Mother’s Day. My mom passed away a few years ago way too young.  We were close as I was an only child.  She was with me through my cancer, when I miscarried and then when we lost Kincaid.  She was a great mom always there when I needed her.  I still find myself trying to pick up the phone to call her.  We were lucky the house across the street came up for sale so we would be close to my parents.




My mom and I when I was a little over one year old.



I miss my two babies we lost and but I couldn’t change having my four boys.  They have all grown so fast the oldest is 21 and the youngest is 7.  I tell them all the time no matter how old they get they will always be my babies.  I enjoy being a mom and friend to each one of them.  My babies below when my mom passed. She has missed so much in the past 5 years.

 Mother’s Day for me is bitter sweet. I miss my mom, but I love my babies as well.  I wish she was here with us and I hope she is looking down and watching over all of us.

I wish all the mom’s reading this a Happy Mother’s Day and if you have lost your mom as well I am sorry and know how you feel. Let’s hope they are all looking down on us.