National Readathon Day & Casper Mattresses

Casper JumpHave you heard of Casper?  When you are reading in bed you want a nice comfy bed to read in.  Makes the whole expericence even better.  They have created an outrageously comfortable mattress that ships right to your door in a box the size of a mini fridge.  A bed that loves you back.  How can you not give it a try.
National Readathon Day is today the 24th.  What do you have sitting on your night stand to read?  For myself I have a huge list of book in my to be read ( TBR ) file.  You can find on my night stand a copy of the following books.
Cowboy Heaven by Cheryl Brooks
Nordic Heat by Lizzie T. Leaf
Runaway Cowboy by T.J. Klin
When it’s Right by Jennifer Ryan
Frosted Shadow by Nancy Warren
Mayhem In Christmas River by Meg Muldoon
Train Station Bride by Holly Bush
Casper Books
What’s on your list?