One Night with her Husband by Sara Daniel & Giveaway

SD_One Night with her husband_SM      7 Paragraphs from One Night with her Husband

Dear God, with all the stress, she’d lost her mind. She couldn’t have found a worse time to start hallucinating about her past-relationship mistakes.
Her laptop slipped from her hands and clattered onto the table.
Her husband lifted his head from his iPad, and his fathomless brown eyes met hers. “Might want to be more careful with that.”
Okay, so she hadn’t lost her mind. Yet. Not the least bit comforted, Marcia stared at him, the faint Hispanic lilt in his tone coiling tendrils of heat through her middle. What was he doing here? Why now?
If only she’d been more careful with her marriage. But she hadn’t, and she couldn’t deal with the past and couldn’t change the reality. The reality of him in her conference room amidst her colleagues, though, made no sense. The only thing she knew for sure was the most handsome man she’d ever met had become more gorgeous than ever.
Meanwhile, she— Oh shit.
Her appearance had definitely changed, too, and not for the better.

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