Oral-B Stages Party Kit Review

Thanks to Mommy Parties I was able to review the Oral-B stages. My boys and their friends had a good time as you will see from the pictures.   We were sent  tooth brushes, tooth paste,  bags, balloons, pop corn, pop corn boxes, a Winnie the Pooh movie Disney baby body wash and bags.  We all had fun with the movie and pop corn.

I liked how easy it was to have the children use their new brushes and tooth paste.  They were eager to try everything that was sent to us.

The other parents did not want me to take pictures of their kids but my 3 were ok with it.





You can see the boys were anxious to get started. We all had a great time and all the parents were happy.

Thank you again to Mommy Parties/ Mom Select and Oral B for allowing this review.