Overcoming The Challenges Of E-Books


Book-lovers want to get their hands on as many books as possible, even if they’re electronic. My favorite author might be Jane Austen, but it’s important to move with the times and try out new things. Hey, it might turn out to be something enjoyable – you never know until you try.

Ebooks do come with challenges and they are enough to put most avid readers off downloading them. However, they are fixable so long as you know where to focus your energy. Here are four of the main problems with e-books and my solutions. Hopefully, we’ll all be on the digital bandwagon before long.


It’s not like reaching for a book on the shelf – you’ve got to have an account, log in, and buy and download an ebook. The process can be tiring, but there are a few shortcuts. The main one is to stay logged into your Kindle or Amazon account regardless. All it takes is a click of a button and you’re ebook will pop-up. Downloading the book is a smart move, too, if you have internet troubles. Use https://setapp.com/how-to/speed-up-slow-internet-downloads-on-mac to speed up your connection. Of course, an app is always quicker and more accessible than a webpage.


We’ve all settled down to read an e-book only to find it gets uncomfortable. Tablets can be bulky, which means they’re hard to position properly while reading. Anyway, most of us don’t want to multitask during our relaxation period. Otherwise, it won’t be very chilled out. I find the best method is to put a device in a case and prop it up against a fixed surface. That way, it shouldn’t move and your arms won’t get tired after long periods. Kindle users should check out https://ebookfriendly.com/basic-kindle-2019-best-cases-sleeves/ for the best cases.


Tired Eyes

Eye strain is real and it’s not healthy. Our peepers aren’t made to stare at screens for extended periods, yet ebooks require us to do it. It’s a catch-22 until you realize there’s no need to binge read. Taking regular breaks during a reading session is a fantastic tip, regardless of whether you like actual pages or digital ones. Not only does it give the eyes a rest, but it refreshes the mind so that sentences don’t in one ear and out the other. Blinking can help, too. Eyes dry up after too long, and blinking forces them to moisten. Https://yoursightmatters.com/prevent-eyestrain-when-reading-your-favorite-book/ has more.


E-books can add to the cost of reading because they’re easier to consume. As a result, we often finish them quicker and move onto a new story. When you buy two or three books a week, the price can quickly mount up. Thankfully, there are always free versions that are available to download. They might not be what you want, but I recommend doing it for two reasons. Firstly, it will boost your budget. Secondly, you might discover a genre you love. 

Ebooks can be challenging, but, with a little push, we might all learn to care for them.