Paperless Post product review


I would like to introduce you to Paperless Post.  They are  a NYC-based tech company.  You can design cards, invitations, flyers and more.  For any occasion and send them from Paperless Post.  I will walk you through the process.  I am going to do a holiday card.

You can do cards or flyers as you can see below.  I am going to choose a card.







This is the card I have chosen.  You will notice you have several things you can choose from on the sidebar.  There are endless possibilities.  You do have to have what they call coins to make things.  This card is 2 coins.  For pricing you can go here BUT they do have free cards and flyers you can use.







As you can see there are tongs of options to choose from.  I had the most fun here making the cards.







This is a great service that you need to try out.  I love it.  Easy to send invitations and not worry about hand writing them out.  They do have RSVP’s as well.  They have it all.

You can find them here and follow them as well.