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pH Health by Healthy Wiser product review

pH Health is important even more now as we grow older. The ph helps measure your body electrical balance. Things can happen if it is not right. You can be too acidic or too alkaline. You can find it here

What I like most about these strips?  You can use either your saliva or urine.  Either one is very simple. It does give you a chart so you can track your settings and see what is going on in you body.








The kit comes with 120 test strips.  They are in a plastic case so be careful opening it up or the strips welcome flying out.


I have been using for one day now as my kit came today.  Very easy and fast results.  So far I am ok but it does tell you to use several test through out the day.


If your pH is too acidic it can cause:

Energy drain, headaches, and indigestion
Bone degeneration
Muscle loss
Insulin sensitivity that results in weight gain and increased risk for diabetes

If your pH is too alkaline it can cause:

Nerve and joint pain
Body stiffness

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