RAAYA GARDEN HOSE NOZZLE sprayer Swivel wand #product #review #Hg20

I have to say I love this new RAAYA GARDEN HOSE NOZZLE sprayer Swivel wand.  I took a video which I will share later below.

The Nozzle is very easy to attack to your existing hose. There is a washer already in the handle. It comes with 5 more in the package. Heavy Duty 9 Adjustable Pattern Pistol Grip Back & Front Trigger, Flow Control, Ergonomic, Watering & Cleaning: Car, Lawn, Pets – Maximum Satisfaction. It has Mist, Cone, Center, Jet, Fan, Flat, Soaker, and Shower. It also comes with a FREE WATER BOTTLE ADAPTER. It is the Green in the bag with the washiers. Vertical or horizontal is great for what ever you are washing or watering. This will come in handy to wash our dogs. Always easier then in the bath tub. So far it is holding up great and there are no complaints. Husband likes this nozzle for washing his truck and my car. I like it for watering the garden. If you ask the boys they love playing in the water no matter what the nozzle is set on. You can check out more at the following link…click here .