Rania Ropes a Rancher by Linda Hubalek book review


Rania Hamner and her family emigrated from Sweden fourteen years ago to work on a Texas ranch, working cattle and herding them up the Chisholm Trail. Something in her life on the trail caused her to doubt her worth, and her ability to trust a man enough to become his wife. Once the family buys a homestead in Kansas, she meets a rancher who begins to make her believe she can trust and fall in love after all.
Rancher Jacob Wilerson noticed Rania last year when she rode drag behind a herd of longhorns—right down Main Street of Ellsworth, Kansas. He’s been waiting for her family to return this spring with another Texas herd to the booming cowtown, because he hopes to rope her into staying permanently on his ranch—the way she had already roped his heart.
When Rania’s past attacks with new danger, she decides to fight for all she’s worth because she realizes she wants to be with Jacob forever.
When Jacob realizes Rania is in danger, he rushes to save her, whether or not she still loves him, hoping to rope Rania—his heart—once more, as she has roped his.

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My thoughts:

Rania comes from a Swedish family.  Jacob lives in Kansas and has seen Rania a few times and was glad to see her back.  He runs across her horse and Rania who has passed out.  He helps her up and see that she is having a woman issue that she does not want her brother and sister to know about.

Jacob takes her to his house for his mom to help her.  His mother knows she is in the family way.  The sad part is Rania knows as well but no one else knows.  She is sacred to tell Jacob what happened on the on the trail.  After a few days she tells Jacob she is pregnant but he storms off thinking she has willingly loved another man.  She fights as she knows she wants Jacob.  It takes his mom talking to him and revealing some secrets of her own for Jacob to come around.

This is a great start to the Brides with Grip series.  The author did a great job and I am looking forward to book 2.


  • Linda Hubalek

    Thanks for the review for my first book in my Brides with Grit series. I appreciate it! Keep reading as #2- Millie Marries a Marshal, and #3- Hilda Hogties a Horseman, are also available on Amazon. I’m writing #4- Cora Captures a Cowboy now.
    Author Linda Hubalek