Review Better Off Without Him ( Romanic Comedy ) by Dee Ernst

Mona Berman is an expert at Happily Ever After – after all, she’s a best-selling Romance writer and happy endings are what she does best. So when her husband of twenty years leaves her for somebody 15 years younger, 20 pounds lighter, and French, she’s got a lot of adjusting to do, both personally and professionally. Lucky for her she’s got three savvy teen daughters, a few good friends, and Ben, the world’s sexiest plumber, to help her along the way.

First she decides that her next book will be the anti-romance – her heroine finds the best part of her life AFTER getting dumped. Next her daughters tell her she needs to start practice dating, and summer at the Jersey shore is the perfect place for that. She’s also juggling her soon-to-be-ex, a loony aunt, and a match-making neighbor, while Ben is sending her romance-driven imagination into overdrive. Can Mona’s life imitate art? Can she write her own happy ending?


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My thoughts:
Mona is an author, has 3 children and a lousy husband.  He decided it was time to waltz in and tell Mona he is leaving her.  Shocked to see he was packing up his things and moving out.  Mona took it hard for a few a while, but with the push of her daughter’s she decides to start dating again.  They go to her summer home off the Jersey shore for some relaxation and dating.   Some of  Mona’s dates are interesting and funny along the way.
I had a good time reading this story.  Between Mona’s Aunt Lily and the aliens that might land in Central Park to her plumber there are a lot of funny things going on as Mona tries to get on with her life.
The characters were well done.  Mona’s best friends Marsha Marsha and Patricia are always there for her along the way.  Patricia can make a great martini that plays along with some funny scenes for Mona.  I found being older was refreshing for a character.  Nice to see rather then all the 20 something characters in other books.
This is a book I will be re-reading over the years.  It was fun to see who Mona was going to end up with.  The book keeps you guessing.


  • Rebecca

    It’s great to find books about older gals. Thanks for introducing this one, Babs!
    I’ll add it to my reading list!