Review for Demon Killers by Myra Nour

Attacked by a soldier of the demon race, a young woman has a child from their union. To her horror, he bears the mark of the demon, and her people will stop at nothing to kill it. Being part fairy, Azra uses her magic to try and save her child from his demon blood. In spite of her best efforts, he briefly turns into the monstrous Sartwor beast, slaying her entire village.A perilous journey to the home of the pure blood fairies ensues as she races to save Bretuck before he turns into the beast again. This time she may not be able to pull him from the grasp of the creature ruling his body. Can a mother’s love prevail over her son’s cursed blood?

  • Print Length: 96 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
My thoughts:
Demon Killers is riveting with strength, magic, twist and emotions.  The pages keep you gipped in Azra and her sons’ story.  You want to know if she can find the cure with the fairies help and can she find them?  With the harsh land elements and people trying to kill her son she has to take precautions.  The characters keep a strong hold on you even after the story ends.
The author does a wonderful job mixing human and demon together in such a way the reader doesn’t want to give up. Azra’s love for her son is magical.  With her love and strength you feel as nothing could go wrong.