Review Mail Order Christmas Brides by Jillian Hart & Janet Tronstad

Her Christmas Family by Jillian Hart

“Please be my ma for Christmas.” Felicity Sawyer can’t resist little Gertie’s heartfelt letter. Tate Winters seeks a bride for Gertie’s sake, not his own. But as his reserve thaws before Felicity’s sunny optimism, this new family learns that togetherness is the best way to celebrate the season.

Christmas Stars for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

Eleanor McBride’s outgrown her dreams of romance—but not her wishes for motherhood. Wedding Sergeant Adam Martin will give her a daughter to cherish. Yet it’s not just shy, sweet Hannah who’s captured her affections. And Eleanor’s arrival in Dry Creek could be the start of a journey to true love.…


  • Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Love Inspired (November 29, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0373828950

My thoughts:

I loved the two different stories as they did intertwine a bit.  In the first story, Her Christmas Family we have Felicity Sawyer who had answered Tate’s ad about a mail order bride.  Felicity immediately feel in love with his daughter Gertie through their letters.  Once she steps off the train it took a few minutes but they found each other.  Tate thinks he made a mistake and tries to send Felicity back on the first day.  He thinks he won’t measure up.  Gertie and Felicity take up with each other from day one and you can feel the love from the pages.  After some rough starts and some self esteem issues Tate starts to see Felicity in a new light and the family starts to come together.

I enjoyed the characters and the way they worked things out like a family should.


The second story, Christmas Stars for Dry Creek was interesting.  Felicity and Eleanor became fast friends on the train.  They departed ways to meet the same fate marrying someone they answered an ad to.  For Eleanor it was Sergeant  Adam Martin.  He too has a daughter he would like to have a mom for.  When Eleanor gets off the train she has Adam’s neighbors come to greet her as he is still away on his last mission.  For a few days Eleanor is on her own waiting for Adam and his daughter Hannah to show up.  Once they do they also came along with Adam’s mother.  From the start you could tell Adam’s mother takes a dislike to Eleanor and thinks she is beneath the family.  She even goes as far as to tell her so.  Adam and Hannah start to really care of Eleanor and he lets his mom know this.  After trying to send Eleanor on her way, embarrassing her and putting her down, the two woman start to get along and grow on each other, but will Eleanor stay?

Another great read as love comes to the surface and the family grows.

Both of these stories were well written and bring out several emotions.    This is a must read in my opinion.