Review of The Field Testing of the Kama Sutra by Beth Gray

Brandon Walker and Emily Collins, two aspiring authors, hope to become better romance writers by overcoming their main problem—they’re both still virgins in their late twenties with no personal knowledge of the subject they wish to write. After receiving rejections from the same agent at a conference in New York City they meet at a bar and drink several double scotches before agreeing to the outlandish proposal of going to a beach house in Clearwater, Florida, and field testing the Kama Sutra for a week.

After arriving at the beach house, they experience the comical interruptions of a major sunburn, food poisoning from raw oysters, an unexpected visit from Emily’s parents, mosquito bites, etc. But it is when Brandon’s ex-girlfriend shows up and becomes an intimate part of their life that they finally have time to concentrate on what has evaded them all week—learning the Kama Sutra.

A Siren Erotic Romance



My thoughts:

Emily & Brandon are inspiring authors who met while getting some help from an editor about their stories.  They were both told they needed experience if they wanted to write romance since each was still a virgin.  As Emily finds Brandon after her meeting they start to drink and as they are getting drunk Brandon makes a proposal to take Emily to Florida for a week and study the Kama Sutra.  Emily gave it a few days to think about and decided to go for it.  If she was going to lose her virginity it might as well be with a cute guy like Brandon.

They arrive at the beach house and start enjoying Clearwater and all it has to offer.  Things are always getting in the way of duo getting all heated up.  They share kisses and sleep in the same bed, but they get sunburned along the way and a few more surprises.  Will these two get to test the Kama Sutra?

I enjoyed the story.  It has a little of everything humor, suspense and a little erotic.   The characters are great along with the setting.  The author does a great job of the area and you fill like you are with Emily and Brandon in some of the places they visit.  I loved how the characters interacted with each other.  Some things were humorous and others serious.  As the two come together they realize there might be more then just the research between the two.  I would love to read more by Beth Gray.