RNWMP: Bride for Curtis (Mail Order Mounties #26), #book, #review

RNWMP: Bride for Curtis (Mail Order Mounties #26)RNWMP: Bride for Curtis by Cassie Hayes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Caitlyn is very independent but when she looses her job she only has a few choices become a nun or marry a mountie like her sisters before her.

Curtis really wants a wife to cook and clean for him. He doesn’t expect much more. A maid is about sums it up. When he finds out she is a vegetarian he really doesn’t know what to think as he loves meat too much.

The Irish temper comes out when Caitlyn has to stand up to Curtis and when she does he really sees her in a new light.

Loved this story as we see not all mom’s and wives are the same and love can still conquer all. The characters were great and the plot just as good.

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