Shackles of Honor by Marcia Lynn McClure

Cassidy Shea’s life was nothing if not serene. Loving parents and a doting brother provided happiness and innocent hope in dreaming as life’s experience. Yes, life was blissful at her beloved home of Terrill.
Still, for all its beauty and tranquility…ever there was something intangible and evasive lurking in the shadows. And though Cassidy wasted little worry on it…still she sensed its existence, looming as a menacing fate bent on ruin.
And when one day a dark stranger appeared, Cassidy could no longer ignore the ominous whispers of the secrets surrounding her. Mason Carlisle, an angry, unpredictable man materialized…and seemingly with Cassidy’s black fate at his heels.
Instantly Cassidy found herself thrust into a world completely unknown to her, wandering in a labyrinth of mystery and concealments. Serenity was vanquished…and with it, her dreams.
Or were all the secrets so guardedly kept from Cassidy…were they indeed the cloth, the very flax from which her dreams were spun? From which eternal bliss would be woven?

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Publisher: Distractions Ink (April 3, 2012)
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Language: English

My thoughts:

Cassidy is thrown into marriage to Mason Carlisle.  He comes across as rude and over bearing at times even moody.  Poor Cassidy doesn’t know how he feels about her and tries to over think at times what he means by some of the things he says.  He is caring at times and make you want to fall in love with him and the next he is mean and moody.  Cassidy cries a lot which was a bit much for me , but did remind myself she was insecure and only 17.  There are misunderstandings which are caused more from Cassidy as she over thinks things.  They both had some learning to do.

I enjoy the authors books and this was a good read.