Stealing the Moon & Stars by Sally J Smith and Jean Steffens




Jordan Welsh and Eddie Marino, Scottsdale private eyes, are hired to find out who’s stealing from the Moon & Stars Children’s Foundation. Foundation employees are suspected, but just as the pieces start falling into place, Jordan discovers a hidden agenda that puts her in the cross-hairs of a crime lord. Who can she trust?

Everyone has a dangerous secret, and the bodies are piling up. Even her partner, Eddie Marino, has a dark and mysterious past. Does she dare act on their attraction? Will it destroy their partnership?

The two have landed in a hornets’ nest. Nothing to do now but stir it up.


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Jordan gulped in the cool night air. Her limbs went weak and shaky. She didn’t trust herself to speak, and when she did, her voice shivered. “He threatened me. Us. Did he mean it?” She looked into Eddie’s eyes and saw the truth. “He’ll come after us if we don’t back off, won’t he?”

Eddie put his arms around her and pulled her against him. He was solid and comforting, and ever so warm.

A shiver of fear ran through her. Eddie cupped her hand in his and took her car keys. He tossed his own keys to Tank then led her back to her car and guided her into the passenger seat before he got in behind the wheel.

She turned to him, scared to death and not ashamed to admit it. “My God. What have I gotten us into?”






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About the authors:

Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens are the authors of The Jordan Welsh & Eddie Marino Novels from Camel Press. The two Arizona writers began working together when they figured out two heads are better (and faster) than one.

“We work together side-by-side, word-by-word, literally finishing each others’ sentences. Laughter and sarcasm abound during writing sessions, with occasional disagreements, sometimes involving right crosses or karate/ninja moves. Partners in crime have never had it so good.”

Their hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, home of the rich and famous as well as the calculating and criminal, is the perfect setting for this series. The detective team in their novels, Jordan Welsh, maverick heiress, and Eddie Marino, a graduate from the school of hard knocks, are ideally suited to the Scottsdale lifestyle and to each other.

Look for Stealing the Golden Dream, Book 2 in the Jordan Welsh & Eddie Marino series coming May 15, 2015. Also in 2015, Mystic Mayhem, A Mystic Isle Mystery from Gemma Halliday Publishing. And Kangaroo Dreaming, A Digby Sloan Novel.

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